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Jenny Reed
Saturday Cup
$ 69.00
3.5 x 3

Artist's Bio
My practice primarily consists of creating assemblage sculptures that incorporate a variety of craft-based processes. These abstract representational works range from haphazardly arranged symbolic objects to scenes depicting domestic spaces. Through my work I examine where I have and have not found solace in the past in order to imagine what a more hopeful future could look like. My works depict personal visual experiences from the places I have lived and of objects I love. Specific objects are incorporated to draw attention to the present moment or to symbolically convey universal themes. By alluding to the underlying structures and assumptions that contribute to feelings of pointlessness and the inescapable anxiety about our mortality, my works aim to inspire viewers to envision new ways of perceiving and making sense of not only past events but also everyday relations. The creation of my work allows me the space, time, and creative outlet to rethink the monotony of daily life and to reflect on the insurmountable challenges that face our world. While it may certainly feel like we are living in what environmentalist Timothy Morton calls an age of cynicism, I believe that by recognizing and appreciating the magical moments, the pleasant surprises, and the everyday comforts of life, I am able to overcome the sense of cynicism that may be limiting our enduring power to create a more beautiful and life-affirming world. Moreover, I want my work to create opportunities for others to feel connected to one another in a disconnected world. To this end, I incorporate a variety of craft materials, showcasing the vast differences between components as well as connection points bound and delicately balanced together. I experiment with the limitless ability of cheap and accessible materials to be transformed, all the while playing with the historical American myth that craft has inherent moral value. These materials are charged with their historical associations with the creation of communities and cultures, and more recently to social and political movements. Their link to women’s work and unskilled labor challenges established hierarchies of value, including consumerism and the accumulation of wealth. Through subverting the typical connotations of craft materials, I am creating space for alternative perspectives to emerge. Ceramics is the conceptual and physical backbone to my works. In other words, I think through each step of my process in a ceramic mindset, slowly accumulating pieces until the point when they become a record of a loose narrative. I overemphasize the tactile quality of ceramics and incorporate a variety of both implied and physical textures. I want my work to appear as if it desires touch while also making a visceral impression on viewers

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